Budgie Artificial Grass


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‘Budgie’ is a our standard budget range grass. Whilst it does not have as deep a pile as other grasses, it does provide a solution for those on a budget.

  • Yarn detex : 9.400 Dtex / 16 ply
  • Primary backing : 100% PP with fibre-lock fleece
  • Coating : SBR latex: approx 650 gr/m2
  • Water permeability : approx. 60 litre/m2
  • Tuft gauge : 3/8′
  • Stitches per m1 : 130
  • Stitches per m2 : 13.650
  • Pile height : 20 mm (±10%)
  • Roll width : 400cm + 200cm
  • Roll length : target length approx. 25 linear meters