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Our artificial grass range is wide and comprehensive. We can supply and fit any type of grass for virtually any application. Our experience in the supply of artificial grass is now so extensive that products in our range are sometimes manufactured exclusively for A Bit of Green to our very own, unique specifications. Please browse our range to learn more about our products and prices but if you need any advice choosing a product, simply give us a call on 0844 870 5305, send us a text on 07824 708 380 or drop us a message using our contact form.

The benefits of our artificial grass ranges are:

Artificial Grass Range Available

From £29.42 per m² / Pile Height: 55mm


‘Katana’ has a C shaped blade with a twin green colouring. This consists of a lime and deep green colouring. This grass is very dense due to the tight stitching.

From £40.89 per m² / Pile Height: 12mm


Birdie is a single coloured, deep green putting grass, which is very popular. It is slightly slower than our grass Eagle.

From £9.95 per m² / Pile Height: 20mm


‘Budgie’ is our standard budget range grass. Whilst it does not have as deep a pile as other grasses, it does provide a solution for those on a budget.

From £16.95 per m² / Pile Height: 24mm

Play Grass

‘Play Grass’ is a single coloured yarn artificial grass. It is hard wearing, short piled grass designed for usage on play areas, displays and events.

From £9.95 per m² / Pile Height: 40mm


‘Spring’ is one of our most popular grasses. It consists of a lime green and a deep green yarn to create a lush and natural look. It has a multi-directional pile.

From £22.62 per m² / Pile Height: 35mm


‘Wicked’ is a hard wearing, lush, deep tri toned grass, consisting of lime green, deep green and a jute brown twisted root.

From £23.50 per m² / Pile Height: 30mm


‘Victory’ is a very strong grass predominately for commercial use as very hard wearing.

From £26.15 per m² / Pile Height: 50mm


‘Kensington’ consists of three colours; lime green and deep green, with a jute brown twisted root. This grass is also one of our most popular, boasting natural looks and feel.

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