We can supply the Artificial Grass for you

If you are happy to install your self, A Bit Of Green can supply the Grass for you. See our extensive range of Artificial Grasses here. We provide extensive and expert advice regarding all of our different varieties of top quality artificial grass.

We offer artificial grass samples

We want to help you choose what best suits you and your requirements. In order to this as well as possible, we happily send out samples of our artificial grass to you, so that you can see and feel our products for yourself.

To learn more regarding our artificial grass samples, please use the contact number at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to help you.

Our Artificial Grass installation options

There are many reasons why you would want artificial grass and this is why as well as providing a Full Installation Service and Supply & Fit, we also provide a Supply Only artificial grass service option.

Our Supply Only option means you select the artificial grass of your choice and we will deliver it to the desired location. This is usually chosen by someone that is good with manual labour and has experience in fitting artificial turf.

Why might you want to choose our supply only option?

You want to install the grass yourself
Children’s bedrooms
Artificial grass front/back doormats
Christmas tree surrounds
Artificial grass table runners
Events or shows
Artificial grass rug
Artificial grass displays

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