We Supply & Fit Your Artificial Grass For You

Our artificial grass supply and fit service will give you the opportunity to cut the price of a artificial lawn installation. If you are able to prepare the area to be fitted with artificial grass, we supply the desired amount of grass required and professionally install it for you.

The benefits of Supply & Fit Artificial Grass

This option is useful to those who are maybe already in a trade, i.e. building work or are very handy with gardening and building. However, still want the artificial grass to be professionally installed to leave an elegant finish to the project.

It is a cost-effective way to lay the artificial grass. However, if this is an option that you wish to consider – you need to be sure that you pre-prepare the area to the correct standards. This is because there may be consequences to not properly preparing the area. For example, the artificial grass could sink.

We give guidance and advice as to how to pre-prepare the area in the correct manner so that the artificial grass will look its best. So if this is something you are considering doing, be reassured that we will be with you, when you need us, every step of the way.

Other ways to have Artificial Grass installed

We offer two other alternatives for fitting new artificial grass. We have ‘Full Installation’ and ‘Supply Only’. Full installation involves the customer sitting back and letting our expert and experienced team get their hands dirty, as they do every bit of the project to the highest standard. Supply only, is where the artificial grass lays directly in the customer’s hands. A Bit of Green will deliver it to the customers desired location and that is all.

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