Case Study

Replacing DIY Artificial Grass

Application Residential
Date 11th Mar 2016
Location Wellingborough

Brief / Problem

This garden already had fake grass “installed” however it had been done a few years ago and was a bit of a DIY job.

Consequently every joint was showing, the grass had moved and because the was no sub base installed the grass had sunk and poor drainage had left a lot of standing water.


The solution was to start from the beginning by removing the existing surface and start the process of taking out the the sufficient amount of earth to allow for the correct drainage.

A timber frame was then installed and the whole area was then filled with type 1 stone, compacted and brought up to the correct level.

A non woven membrane was put in place and our “Trophy Spring” 40mm artificial grass was installed.

Thank you for the amazing work you put into our back garden.

Looks so much better than what was laid before.

Great job guys!