Artificial Grass Customer Case Studies

With well over 15 years worth of experience in the supply and professional installation of artificial grass for a wide number of applications and scenarios, A Bit of Green is now proud to have a large count of happy customers.

At A Bit of Green, we provide a pleasant experience for our customers by only using high-standard equipment and materials when installing fake grass. This way, our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that our expert teams are installing their new artificial lawn with only the best tools.

Although the majority of our customers are residential projects, we deal with a range of commercial projects too. Including primary schools and nursery schools. We love to provide a ‘Before and After’ image across all of our case studies. This is because we believe it really shows off the beauty and elegance of our high-quality artificial grass.

When we install artificial grass for our customers, we make sure to leave no visible signs that work has been carried out after the project is completed. This means completely cleaning up behind us, and letting the customer enjoy their new artificial garden from the moment we leave.

Below you can view a small number of our case studies which show in detail how big of an impact artificial grass can have with images both before and after the project. Simply use the ‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial tabs at the top to view a selection of our work and click through to individual case studies to learn more about each project. Click here to go get in contact with us at A Bit of Green.

  • Beautiful Garden 25th May 2016

    After a lot of hard work by himself from designing to fitting David decided that artificial grass was a possibility to finish off the garden he wanted. Now retired and a keen caravanner David and his wife want to utilise there free time as much as possible and having fake grass installed meant that there was one less thing to worry about. Davids design meant that the lawn wasn't a symmetrical shape so he gave us a ring for some advice in what could be done and what would look best.  

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  • Finishing touch on a lovely landscaped rear garden 9th May 2016

    Victoria had been battling with her patchy grass lawn for a few years. As is common with new builds, her lawn seemed to have a lot of clay underneath and in turn was not providing the best base for the lawn to grow. Having dug the garden up and re seeded it last year, Victoria had a lovely lawn.............. for six months before the moss hit and it became patchy.  

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  • Artificial lawn on raised garden area 6th May 2016

    Matt and Leila had recently moved into there new home but the garden was a problem. The so-called lawn area was just mud and they wanted an area their boy could play on.

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  • New Artificial Lawn for children 18th April 2016

    Sarah called the team at A Bit of Green as they have young children and a garden space which was not very useable. The flower beds were large and ate into the lawn area and the grass was of poor quality and did not grow very well.

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  • Artificial grass, new build 30th March 2016

    Mr Coverly had the wettest lawn we had seen this year and with two dogs he needed a solution asap. Fake grass was his solution. He opted for our "Trophy Spring" 40mm grass.

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  • Artificial lawn over existing patio area 22nd March 2016

    Mrs Graham had a courtyard garden which was mainly laid to brick block paving. The low maintenance this had provided in recent years had always worked well for Mrs Graham, however having recently welcomed a new arrival to the family it was time to brighten up the garden and also provide a softer area for there little girl to spend time in when she starts to crawl and walk.

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  • Replacing DIY Artificial lawn 11th March 2016

    This garden already had fake grass "installed" however it had been done a few years ago and was a bit of a DIY job. Consequently every joint was showing, the grass had moved and because the was no sub base installed the grass had sunk and poor drainage had left a lot of standing water.

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  • Low maintenance 4th March 2016

    Mr Blowes had a lovely rear garden already however no longer wanted the hassle of maintaining a real lawn. Being a garden enthusiast Mr Blowes was skeptical about fake grass but decided to give the team at A Bit of Green a call to see what all the hype was about.

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  • Low maintenance for rental property 26th February 2016

    Kevin gave us a call as he was looking for an alternative to paving slabs for a low maintenance garden in his rental property. As much as paving slabs do have the desired effect from a maintenance point of view, Kevin was looking for something which was a bit more child friendly and ideally something which was more aesthetically pleasing.

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  • Artificial Lawn bringing much needed greenery 25th February 2016

    Mr Edwards rang A Bit of Green because his garden didn't get much sunlight and in turn his lawn just would not grow and with a two year old dog meant he had a mud pit for a garden. He decided if a real lawn would not work then plastic grass may well be the solution.

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