Artificial Grass For Patios

Artificial grass, perfect for covering tired patios or paving.

Artificial grass is as versatile as it comes. Many people who want a very low maintenance garden, whether it be a domestic situation or commercial. Before, many people used to choose the option to patio or tarmac their entire area or garden, however that has all changed as the technology to create artificial grass has improved exceptionally.

With fake grass, it is easy to give a patio or paved area a more natural and modern look. Artificial grass will bring a bright atmosphere and some colour to a garden. At A Bit of Green, we only use the highest quality of artificial lawn that will stay perfect for decades. Even for those who have already been down the path of covering their garden in a patio or decking, you can still have the synthetic grass as it can be easily laid over the top.

Transform your patio with Artificial Grass

With our top quality artificial grasses and experienced fitters, the area will be transformed to a beautiful, low maintenance haven.

Not only can it be laid on top of patios, but we have covered many areas of decking, rooftops, shop windows and balconies. We have three different installation options for you to choose from. We strive in providing fast and luxury customer service for all customers, no matter the location of the project.

For advice on the best artificial grass for covering your patio or paving, give us a call.


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