Artificial Grass For Gardens

Artificial Grass Lawns & Gardens

Modern synthetic lawns are increasingly common, with natural looks as good as the ‘real thing’ and environmentally friendly as you would wish for. It is virtually maintenance free and you can use it all year round without having to worry about pulling out weeds.

The advantages of artificial and fake grass are plain, simple and plentiful. From saving money to saving time (especially when it comes to lawn maintenance) our grass can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

Our artificial and fake grass is environmentally friendly in many ways. To keep artificial grass looking green and lush requires absolutely no water – maybe just an occasional brush! Not only that, pesticides and weed removers aren’t required. Lawnmowers are also a thing of the past – naturally, our artificial grass doesn’t grow, saving a whole load of electricity or fuel to run those garden mowers. Our fake grass is also made using environmentally and sustainable synthetic fibres which do no harm to the environment or the rest of your garden.

Artifical Grass Means No More Weeds

It can sometimes seem like a fruitless task of constantly removing weeds from your garden. With professional installation we can be sure no weeds will start creeping through your artificial grass garden – saving both your time and back in the process, and of course, making your synthetic grass garden look absolutely great.

Once Fit – No Maintenance

Except for the odd quick brush, our artificial grass gardens and play areas need no maintenance at all. No re-seeding is required to cover those bald patches, grass trimming or weed removal. Once the fake grass is installed, you can sit back and enjoy.

All Year Round Green

To keep your natural grass garden green in summer requires a lot of watering in most cases. Our artificial grass looks great all your round. Not only that, bald patches often appear in summer and winter – something there is no need to spare a thought about with our highly durable artificial grass.

Dog & Pet-Friendly

Dogs and cats love artificial grass and our fake grass doesn’t mind them all that much either.  If your dog decides to use your new artificial grass lawn as a WC, a simple pick and wipe routine will keep it looking as good as ever – making it much more dog friendly than natural grass. Artificial grass is also perfect for dogs who occasionally urinate on grass. Our quick draining artificial grass will not be stained or risk dying like natural grass, making artificial and fake lawns the perfect choice for dog and cat owners.

Children’s Play Areas

Our artificial grass is perfect for children’s play areas and playground. We have many different types of grass and can also provide shock absorbent pads, making children play areas safe, fun and beautiful looking. Because our grass is so durable, bald patches certainly won’t appear and your child’s play area can be used all year round, with no risk of muddy feet ruining the new carpets. For children play areas and playgrounds, artificial grass is a no-brainer, with both both looks and safety on it’s side.

Artificial Grass has Excellent Drainage Solutions

Artificial grass has great drainage and is perfect for those spots of the garden where water accumulates leaving soggy patches. Alternatively, for those areas where there is a lack of rain and sunlight, such as around trees, our artificial grass can fill the gap.

Durability & Visual Appeal

Artificial grass has come on massively in the last ten years. It is now very hard to distinguish between the two – except in summer where artificial grass will still look green and lush without watering – and in winter, when it will look green and lush again, rather than a mud bath. Fake grass is also highly durable. All of our synthetic grass comes with an eight year guarantee, although in most cases, 25 years or more is not unrealistic.

No more mud

Fed up of mud being dragged through the house? With artificial grass, dogs and children can freely roam the garden or play area whatever the weather with no worry about muddy feet.

Artificial Grass Adds value to your home or business

An attractive low maintenance landscape design can easily add value to a property just by how it looks. It’s also low maintenance so once installed the savings really start racking up.

Great for areas where natural grass is simply not an option

Artificial grass can go into places where natural grass cannot. For example around a swimming pool, in a conservatory, on a roof top terrace, a shopping centre exhibition, a display area, or any other number of locations. Artificial grass looks great, is low maintenance and lasts a long while.

Artificial Grass Means No Watering

When water is scarce or simply to be more environmentally friendly, artificial grass requires no additional watering.

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