Artificial Grass For Dogs

Why Artificial grass is perfect for dogs

Our artificial grass is dog-friendly. If you’re fed up with muddy paws in the house, urine stains on the grass or maybe your dog is a bit of a digger, our artificial grass is quite possibly the perfect solution you have been looking for. With natural looks, low maintenance and great environmental credentials, our dog-friendly artificial grass is not a compromise in any way.

All of our high-quality artificial grass and fake lawns are dog-friendly. This means your dogs are free to roam the garden all year round, regardless of the mud pits which may be forming on your neighbour’s natural grass lawns. Dogs love playing on our fake grass and it feels and looks just like the real thing, with none of the downsides. A dog-friendly artificial grass lawn looks great all year round regardless of usage, meaning you can sit back and let your dog roam without the concern of muddy paw prints littering the house.

Our fake grass is more than suitable for dogs. It won’t stain or turn yellow if your dog decides to urinate on it – unlike natural grass. Artificial grass is porous, meaning the urine just filters through like a normal garden, or for those who like to keep it absolutely perfect, a hosepipe or wipe over will ensure any remains are gone immediately. Faeces are even easier. Simply pick up and wipe any residue. You can then wipe the grass or disinfect it and it will be as good as new. This makes artificial grass much more dog-friendly than natural grass and also more sanitary, making it great for dogs and children alike.

Can dogs rip the Artifical Grass?

Because all of our artificial lawns come with sand fill, we can assure you that even the most determined diggers will struggle to break through dog-friendly artificial grass. The sand is almost invisible to the natural eye while protecting the base, ensuring clawing pets will be no match for your new fake grass lawn.

Artifical Grass is more than Dog-Friendly

Many of our customers find that artificial grass is the perfect solution for dog runs and kennels – with its mix of durability, all-weather use, great aesthetics and the ease at which it can be cleaned and sanitised. All of our artificial grass, whether for use with dogs, children, around a pool or whatever use you can think of, comes with an eight-year guarantee – making fake grass a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to high maintenance real grass.

In most cases, a fake grass lawn is not just ‘dog-friendly’, it is, in fact, the preferred solution. Talk to us today to see for yourself. Once you see our artificial grass and how well it works with dogs, you’re unlikely to think twice.

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